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RJR Energy Solutions is a young, fast -forward thinking company that commercializes and distributes renewable energy products, mainly solar energy . We specialize in providing our customers immediate solutions by offering customized, "key in hand" installation kits that range in size and price. Our world-wide customers include distributors, EPC, installers and end users.

Why choose RJRES?

Our main goal is customer satisfaction which we achieve by formulating together with our customer the appropriate product order and then delivering it on schedule. Our objective, which is shared by all RJRES collaborators, is to build a trusting business collaboration with our customers so that with us they find a one-stop-shop for all their project needs. Due to our extensive knowledge of the industry, we are able to offer you the most immediate, safe to the environment and technologically innovative products on the market.


The brands we carry are the best in the industry. Our strong alliances with our suppliers and manufacturers allow us to offer you best quality and price with a product portfolio that will meet all your project requirements. Not only can we offer you the best and most innovative products, due to our tight partnership with Trans World Shipping , one of Europe's premier logistics and transport companies, we can deliver them to your door in a very short period of time.


Why trust and acquire from RJRES?

  • Because we have a large selection of high quality products that are warrantied, guarantied and certified.
  • Because you will always receive personal and customized attention.
  • Because you will save money when purchasing our package deals and you will save even more if you work with or become our network installers.

Because RJRES is equal to Quality, Competency and Professionalism at your service!