LE-600 Wind Turbine

Our LE-600 wind turbine is our  1.54m Dia wind turbine that is capable of producing outputs up to 750W. The LE-600 has an innovative ‘downwind’ arrangement which means that the rotor is at the back of the turbine. This means that the turbine is working in harmony with the forces of nature resulting in a stable and capable wind turbine.

The LE-600 wind turbine is often used as a wind power addition to an existing off grid power system to compliment Solar PV in order to provide more power in the winter months and cut down on diesel usage. Other applications include remote industrial systems, water pumping systems and lighting and power in remote farm buildings – any application with a moderate power requirement.

  • Powerful – The LE-600 wind turbine can deliver outputs in excess of 750 watts
  • Lightweight turbine head – Making it easier to install on high masts in difficult locations and minimises structural and foundation requirements
  • ‘Downwind’ layout – Gives a small visual impact with no tail boom to vibrate and fail through fatigue
  • WhispowerTM blades – Low acoustic emissions from the advanced aerofoil blade design
  • Fully marinised – Aluminium alloy and stainless steel components are protected from the elements with aerospace grade coatings and anodising
  • Easy installation - Fit the blades & nose cone and make the electrical connections. All explained in a comprehensive user manual with detailed written explanations and diagrams
  • Durable and reliable – Originally designed for industrial applications, durability and reliability is the corner stone of the LE-600 wind turbine architecture
  • Flexible electrical system – Ideal for future off grid power system expansion which might include solar PV or other forms of renewable energy
  • 2 Year manufacturer warranty – Backed up by our excellent customer service from our UK factory

Efficient design from years of experience in the field

The LE-600 wind turbine is designed around a unique low inertia axial flux generator which utilises Neodymium rare earth magnetic materials. This alternator has zero ‘cogging’, which, together with its highly efficient and low ‘TSR’ WhispowerTM blades, allow the turbine to spin in the lightest of breezes and to react quickly to gusts. Furthermore, the LE-600 wind turbine has a wild 3-phase output which is then converted to DC by an external regulator (supplied) which can be located near to the battery bank. This results in the most efficient way of transmitting power for long-distances between the wind turbine and the battery bank. Not only does this mean that you can save money by purchasing smaller less expensive transmission cables, but it means that you can put the turbine further away from the battery bank, in a position where it can be exposed to optimum wind conditions!

Small & lightweight

The LE-600 turbine is a downwind machine meaning that the rotor is at the back of the turbine. This reduces the overall size and weight of the turbine, whilst ensuring that there is no tail boom to amplify natural vibrations and eventually fail! The turbine is fitted with integrated yaw slip-rings that allow the turbine to swivel 360 degrees continuously in order to follow the changing direction of the wind. The unique ‘X-wing’ chassis, manufactured from lightweight aluminium alloy, not only reduces the tower top weight, but further ensures that the turbine tracks the changing direction of the wind perfectly.

Rugged & reliable

As the LE-600 wind turbine  has been designed for industrial applications in harsh environments, it has a heritage that is based around reliability and durability. Therefore the turbine is designed and manufactured to be as rugged as possible giving a predicted design life of 20 years – With little maintenance required during that period. The LE-600 wind turbine survives destructive high winds by means of a simple passive aerodynamic design that limits turbine RPM and power output at a certain threshold. This means that the turbine cannot absorb any further power from the wind, allowing the wind turbine too comfortably run through the harshest squalls and storms.

The LE-600 wind turbine is manufactured from high quality aluminium alloys and stainless steel which has been laser processed, CNC machined, hard anodized and powder coated to ensure that the turbine will withstand the harsh effects of the extreme environments that it was originally designed for. The various nuts and bolts are manufactured from A4 stainless steel that are manufactured for the most corrosive of environments. The bearings are sealed for life and fully lubricated, so no greasing or maintenance is required.

LE-600 Specification

  • Rotor diameter: 1.54 metres
  • Rotor type: 3-Blade downwind
  • Blade material: Glass reinforced nylon
  • Rated output: 160 watts @ 8m/s (17.8mph)
  • Peak output: 750 watts @ 18m/s (40mph)
  • Cut-in speed: 3m/s (6.7mph)
  • Weight: 19.5Kg
  • Generator type: 3-Phase brushless NIB magnet rotor out-runner PMA
  • Output voltage: Available as a 12V, 24V or 48V wind turbine
  • Warranty: 2 years