LE-2000 Wind Turbine

The LE-2000 is a 2kW wind turbine that has been specifically designed and developed to be a cost effective bridge between micro and small wind turbines. With a large 3.2m Dia rotor, the LE-2000 wind turbine is designed to provide substantial amounts of power for off-grid power systems or alternatively offset energy usage in a residential grid-connected system.

The LE-2000 wind turbine can generate between 1500kWh and 3000kWh of electricity per year (depending on average wind speed) which will cover a substantial percentage of the average households energy usage and even generate revenue from energy sold back to the power grid. When used in off grid power systems, the LE-2000 wind turbine can provide the core of the power system. The turbine is often used in permanent industrial off-grid applications in order to reduce or eliminate diesel consumption and costs.

The relatively large rotor diameter gives excellent energy yield at more common wind speeds whilst the Flight Control Computer keeps the larger swept area under control and protected during high winds. The high efficiency dual rotor axial flux alternator uses high strength neodymium iron boron magnets which results in low start up wind speed and maximum power in all winds. Our uniquely designed and developed WhispowerTM blades use advanced aerofoil and geometry, to improve efficiency whilst minimising blade noise.

  • Powerful –The LE-2000 is a 2kW wind turbine that can deliver outputs in excess of 2000W and between 1500kWh -3000kWh per year
  • ‘Downwind’ layout – Gives a small visual impact with no tail boom to vibrate and fail through fatigue
  • Flight Control Computer – Performs all wind turbine control functions including control in storm conditions
  • WhispowerTM blades – Low acoustic emissions from the advanced aerofoil blade design
  • Engineered to last – Galvanised steel & stainless steel components are protected from the elements with aerospace grade coatings and anodising
  • Lightweight turbine head – Making installation easy with our free-standing hydraulic towers without need for cranes or lifting equipment
  • Durable and reliable – Originally designed for industrial applications in remote places, the LE-2000 wind turbine is designed for easy maintenance & longevity
  • High Voltage transmission – Means that lower cost and small cables can be used to transmit power of long distances
  • 2 Year Warranty – Backed up by our excellent customer service from our UK factory

Engineered for efficient long term energy production

The LE-2000 wind turbine is designed around our uniquely designed dual rotor low inertia axial flux generator which utilises Neodymium rare earth magnetic materials. This alternator has zero ‘cogging’, which, together with its highly efficient and low ‘TSR’ WhispowerTM blades, allow the wind turbine to spin in the lightest of breezes and to react quickly to gusts – Ensuring that the turbine generates useful power in the lightest of winds. Both the battery charging and grid-tie versions of the LE-2000 wind turbine have a high voltage 3-phase output which is then converted to DC by the Flight Control Computer which can be located near to the battery bank. This means that small low cost cables can be used to transmit power over long distances to the battery bank – we know that the best site for your wind turbine is not always next to your battery bank!

Low profile & lightweight

The LE-2000 wind turbine is a downwind machine meaning that the rotor is at the back of the turbine. This reduces the visual impact and weight of the turbine, whilst ensuring that there is no tail boom to amplify natural vibrations and eventually fail. The turbine is fitted with integrated yaw slip-rings that allow the turbine to swivel 360 degrees continuously in order to follow the changing direction of the wind. The unique ‘X-wing’ chassis, manufactured from laser processed galvanised steel, not only reduces the tower top weight, but further ensures that the turbine tracks the changing direction of the wind perfectly.


The Leading Edge Turbines Flight Control Computer (FCC) is a flexible control system used to maximise the function and protection of LE-2000 wind turbine both in battery charging and grid-tie systems. The FCC includes a central logic controller, various turbine sensors, braking resistors and other auxiliary inputs and outputs that allow the unit to operate the wind turbine in the best manner for the prevailing weather conditions and system status. This ensures that the turbine operates efficiently in common wind conditions whilst ensuring that the turbine is protected in storm conditions. The FCC can also perform secondary system functions such as charge control in off grid power systems and over-voltage protection in grid-connected systems.

Easy to install tower options

Our 10m free-standing hydraulic tower has been exclusively designed for the LE-2000 wind turbine. It allows the LE-2000 to be positioned in locations that may otherwise be impossible and allows safe and easy installation of the wind turbine. Foundation requirements are kept to a minimum thanks to the unique design of the LE-2000 wind turbine head which has an all up weight of 65kg.

LE-2000 Specification

  • Rotor Diameter: 3.2 metres
  • Rotor Type: 3-Blade downwind
  • Blade Material: Glass Reinforced Composite
  • Rated Output: 950 watts @ 7.8m/s (17.4mph)
  • Peak Output: 2400 watts
  • Cut-in speed: 3m/s (6.7mph)
  • Estimated AEP: 1500-3000kWh per year depending on site location & wind
  • Weight: 65Kg
  • Generator Type: 3-Phase Brush-less NIB magnet rotor out-runner PMA
  • Output voltage: Available as a 24V or a 48V wind turbine (off-grid or grid-tie options)
  • Warranty: 2 years